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Recycled Plastic Pots

Recycled Plastic Pots

Calling all environmentalists, recyclers and eco-warriors looking for something innovative – check out our unique handcrafted 4 litre plant pots made from 100% recycled plastic.

‘Engineering Fire’ now offers a range of stunning handmade recycled plastic plant pots in various designs – which we call ‘Engineering Plastic’!  We find ways to transform plastic waste destined for landfill into useful and beautiful objects.  We see discarded plastic as a precious resource, not waste.


Every pot is unique and hand made in our East Yorkshire workshop.  We create a wide variety of colour combinations and designs that replicate a stunning marbling effect that cannot be achieved with traditional materials.  The colours depend entirely on what plastic waste we have collected and diverted from landfill.


We can provide the pot with or without drainage holes – just let us know when you order. 

Check out the photographs to see what we have in stock and ready to ship.


All our pots are made from 100% recycled plastic - HDPE (2). The pots contain over 1 kg of plastic, so unlike typical virgin plastic pots – Engineering Plastic’s are very robust, surprisingly heavy and will continue to look amazing for many years.

Every pot begins life as a bottle top, milk bottle or shampoo bottle which we collect, clean, and then shred in our own hand built grinding machine.  The plastic granules that are produced are then placed in a mould (which we also make), heated carefully to the correct temperature and compressed.

The resulting pots are not only beautiful with their unique marbling effect and striking colours, but each pot we sell helps turn the tide on the sea of used plastic in this world.


A uniform 4 litre pot measures H20cm x W20cm x D20cm and weighs 1.1kg

Non uniform pots vary slightly on the above dimensions.

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