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Hand Made Fire Pit

Hand Made Fire Pit

Stunning hand made fire pit with heavey duty griddle, made from substationally thick steel, after all a fire pit is for life not just a couple of years.


Our fire pits come in 3 differant sizes, small 500mm square, medium 600mm square and large 750mm square they are 200mm deep and 300mm high.


Our fire pits are made with options so you have multiple uses.


You can add an ash pan which the fire pit sits on to collect any ash which may fall through the air holes, a lid so it can be used as a coffee table when not in use.


We also offer a removable BBQ attachment which sits neatly ontop of the fire pit.

The BBQ attachment comes with a stainless steel cooking grid which can be raised or lowered to 3 differant levels allowing you can obtain the correct cooking temperature.


We can also make bespoke fire pits to suite you personal requirements so please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

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